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What type of Internet connectivity do you need?

Updated: Feb 14

There are a few different Internet connection solutions for the recreational boater, but what do you actually need? There are as many answers to this question as there are different types of boaters.

We will start adding a few articles to this category on our blog that will highlight the methods and some of the equipment that we have used ourselves and the results and pitfalls of those tested. This is why we are navigating Entegrity Marine into these waters. We have extensive experience in Internet connectivity within business as well as boats. Stay tuned to get a 10,000 view of Internet connectivity options on boats.

What type of boarer are you? Weekend warior, cruiser, live-aboard?

Why do you want or need Internet or your boat? entertainment, communication, monitoring, or that sometimes dreaded four letter word WORK.

When do you need service? Only when you are on the boat? at the dock? near shore? off-shore? crossings? Full time for monitoring and securing your boat? Different band-widths for different requirements?

How are your required components that need Internet connected? wireless, hard-wired? Do the use POE. Require AC or DC power?

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