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ACR - Anyone Care (to) Respond.

Updated: May 21

Really thought ACR had some good products, but their support is second to anyone that is breathing. May as well ask your dog, at least he will try to show you he cares.

I have been trying to get a ACR AIS Transceiver replaced for 2 years now. Send in a request. Get a response, then get dropped. The US support team for ACR has no idea how to support this product.

I have tried support all the way up to the North America Sales Manager Rich Galasso, and he just passes it off to someone else who never responds to the request. I have months of emails trying to get support on their AIS Transceiver and everyone without fail has dropped the ball.

Don't waste your time or money on this company and please God don't trust your life to any of their equipment. Go with Garmin or Simrad, or Furuno, Hell, even go with Raymarine (Personally not a fan) but at least go with a company that will support their products.

Oh, and obviously not expecting any response from ACR on this post.

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