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What happened to

Updated: Feb 15

What happened to the Phasor Marine website. We have a phasor 21KW installed in our 58' Hatteras Yachtfish. We have been very happy with the generator, other than the fact that we are over-sized for our electrical needs.

Fort the last 7 months I have not been able to get to the manufactures website.

There are still 3rd party suppliers purchasing the generators, but even their sites try to go to for technical support and we get the old This site can't be reached.


Well this is an area that I specialize in. The name still resolves to an IP address of A scan of that IP address comes back as there is nothing there.

The Arin Whois lookup comes back as hosted by This is a generic collocation/server as a service organization.

The trademark Phasor Marine first filed with the Florida department of state on 7/22/2019 and still active, expiring on 7/22/2024.

The owners of that trade mark are:




I sent them an email asking what was up and the future of phasor marine. Will post the reply here when I receive it.

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Richard Davis
Richard Davis
06 de fev.

Received a reply back from Alan Murasso at Southeastern Power Products. He assures me that Phasor generators will continue to be produced. More information will be forthcoming.

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