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Phasor Marine

Updated: Apr 4

Received an email back from Mr. Alan Murasso at Southeastern Power concerning the state of Phasor Marine and their generators. Actually, I received several emails back concerning their website going dark and the state of the company as a whole. Here is one response from Mr. Murasso that give a reason for the website disappearing and the domain name not being routed to another site.

"Thank you for reaching out to Phasor Marine with concern over our web page being shut down. Phasor Marine and been building quality generators for the better part of 33 years and product development always have new models on the drawing board so we felt it was time for Phasor Marine to shut down our web page and do a complete overhaul removing old models and adding new models.


The web page should be completed within the next several days however you can always reach us at 954-979-5899"

It appears that the site going dark has nothing to do with continued operation of the Phasor Marine brand, Mr. Murasso assures me that the company is in great shape and the only reason that the website disappeared was that they are doing "a major overhaul to our web page".

Phasor marine generators are a great product and I have been completely satisfied with our K4-21KW unit. We are looking forward to seeing the new web page from Southeastern Power and put in another post when that page goes live.

Well, there baaaaack.. Phasor finally got there website back and it has been re-vamped. I still don't think that they realize that a manufacture website going down always brings the companies viability into question. I am glad that they finally worked it out.

That being said I Don't really care that they don't have a "places to purchase" or ability to purchase directly on their website. They also moved all of the operator manuals from under the individual generators and hid it at the bottom of the About page. Please add a link under the individual generators to the Operator Manuals location on the About page. The manuals are through and well written and contain a lot of valuable information about the units.

Check out the new site and let me know what you think.

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