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This is our most basic boat monitoring system and includes unlimited Internet via a T-Mobile 5GUW router for $69.99 per month. 

This ships configured with all sensors and camera connected to the wireless router and a personalized email account to access the system.

This lets you make sure that your bilge is dry, your doors and hatches are shut, and gives you a pan/tilt camera to view the inside of your boat.   

We provide you T-Mobile Internet (where available) and a basic moniroring and viewing system.  Hub, 4 hatch/door sensors, Water Sensor, and Pan/Tilt indoor camera.  

The system is all preconfigured on the Internet with an account.  

Just plug in the router, install the sensors and cameras and login to your account.  You are up and going out of the box.  We do all of the configuration for you.  Sensors are wireless and battery operated.  No wires to run.  

Once you have the base system installed and working you can order additional sensors to add to the system.  This is not a monitored system.  It is Internet and it will send emails to the accout if anything triggers on the boat.  There is also a SMS option if you provide your wireless number.  


Basic Boat Internet/Monitoring System

  • There is a $250 deposit for the T-Mobile Internet Router.  This will be refunded in full upon the payment of the account and the return of the T-Mobile router.  

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